Visibility and advertisement for a wedding photographer.

In the early days photographers had a shop and people came by very often to develop there film.
With the internet and digital photography I and a lot of the colleagues don’t have a shop any more because people send there picture by the internet and get them delivered by mister post man.
So how to create visibility and advertisement?
Most of us know Facebook, twitter,google Adwords and similar social and advertisement media. So many people are using it that is difficult to stand out.
The best advertisement is people telling each other how good you are.
As a wedding photographer I always try to give my clients something extra that also gives me some extra promotion.

I do this by making a photo-slideshow of the pictures I took during the day. Yes it are raw un-edited pictures but who cares? Select 40 nice ones and put them in a slideshow. Your logo at the end. They are happy and you made more promotion then handing over business cards during the day.

For showing the slideshow I use , my own projector , a projector of the venue or like the last time a very big LCD at the wall.

Watch such a dirty-quick-un edited slideshow below.(music added just for you) Skip some parts but watch the end and afterwards think about it.What do you remember ? ….

Click Below :